Top Questions & Answers from the Ask Me Anything Telegram Session

GX Blocks Energy

Pre-Sale Announcement

We have categorized all the important Questions & Answers in 7 categories. Read below to find out more about GX Blocks Energy.

1 ~ Soft Cap

What will happen if you do not reach the Soft Cap by the end of the Pre-Sale? Will the project start nevertheless? Will you extend the Pre-Sale period further?

How much is sold already? What numbers do you expect?

2 ~ Mining with GX Blocks

Which coins will be mined? Can the algorithm be changed or it is only BTC? Are there any other coins that will also be mined in the future?

When does the mining start?

When will I get my first returns?

What would the prices be after the Pre-Sale ends (on September 30th)?

How are you different from other Cloud minings like EOBOT?


Is GX Blocks Energy only about mining? What are the other features? Does GX Blocks have Masternodes? Can we acquire a share of a Masternode? What about staking possibilities?

4 ~ Payment Options

What are the payment options?

Why did you choose XRP?

Have you considered or formed any partnerships as a payment gateway?

5 ~ Mining Farms

Where is mining located? Is it all located in Greece?

Has the construction of the crypto mining units started?

GX Blocks R&D Data Center

What is the total estimated hashrate your farm generates?

6 ~ Renewable Energy Sources

How does GX Blocks Energy utilize Renewable Energy sources?

What are the renewable sources researched at the moment?

Apart from using green power coming from solar panels and hydropower for the mining process, do you plan on using other types of clean energy?

You will need a large land area to install photovoltaic panels, does GX already have this land?

How do you solve the problem of energy loss as heat during the transfer of electricity from energy plants to mining farms?

What if there is any change of regulation? Has the team taken this into consideration?

Can I visit you somewhere?

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