How to Spot Common Scams, Fake Accounts, and Hackers — Full Guide to Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams and Twitter Hacks

Official GX Blocks Energy Website

Update — 31 July 2020: We would like to warn you that there is a scam website pretending to be GX Blocks Energy. They have copied our Website Design under the name Swift-Mining.

We warn you that it is a scam page and GX Blocks has no association with it. We will never contact you directly asking for payments and investments.

If you have any questions or have been affected by this scam please contact us on our official email address

Please be careful of scam attempts!

Update — 16 July 2020: Due to the recent Twitter Hacker attack, we would like to inform and warn you that we will never ask our community to send money to a wallet address published on Social Media, due to COVID-19 or for any other reason.

Recent Twitter Hack: How to avoid getting scammed

Do NOT send money to any wallet address posted on Social Media, even if it’s from an official account!

COVID-19 Scams

Frauds and Hackers have tried to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic by posting COVID-19 updates claiming that there is a giveaway due to the pandemic situation. Please beware of any COVID-19 Updates! We will NOT make any gifts or airdrops due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1— Fake or Hacked Social Media Accounts

There are Fake Social Media Accounts and Facebook Pages that may pretend to be GX Blocks Energy by copying our pictures and name. They may try to private message you or comment on our posts. But it’s easy to spot the fake ones, just by clicking on their profile to check whether it’s really the official account that you are already following or not.

Hackers may also hack our official accounts! But how can you know it’s probably a scam?

GX Blocks will NEVER request any payments via Social Media!

We will NEVER comment/post updates or private message you asking for payments! Even if the post comes from official Social Media pages, please do not send money to any wallet address posted publicly. It could be the case that our Social Media accounts have been hacked.

Do not trust any email address that does not end in

Our Telegram Admins will NOT contact you via PM and ask you to make an investment. If someone does contact you, make sure they post a message on the public channel to confirm their identity so that you can see their ADMIN badge. (Find the link to our Official Telegram group HERE).

Admins will NEVER ask for your login information

Please do not share your account login information with anyone. Admins will never ask you for your login info. If someone does, please let us know immediately so we can report them.

Private keys are just that — private

Our GX Blocks Admins will never ask for that information. Don’t ever give up your private keys to your wallets to anyone.

2— Token & Crypto Giveaway Scams

We are not offering any tokens nor any rewards in crypto. Do not transfer money to anyone promising tokens or rewards in Bitcoin or other altcoins — they are scams!

Please be especially vigilant with accounts/pages, claiming to be GX Blocks Energy, that comment on social media posts asking for crypto or fiat payments in order to participate in certain giveaways, trying to steal your funds.

3 — Phishing Websites Scams

Phishing sites imitating GX Blocks’ website may look very professional, but it’s easy to spot a fake. Any variations in our company name either on the site or on the URL would indicate a fake website.

GX Blocks Energy’s official and legitimate websites & social media profiles are listed at the bottom of this article. Any other websites & profiles should be considered fraudulent!

Tip: Bookmark the Website

If you bookmark the real website, then you can be confident that you are clicking the right URL. Check for the “DigiCert” SSL certificate in your URL address bar to make sure it’s the real GX Blocks website.

Do not use any wallet address posted on Social Media

We will NEVER post or PM you with any wallet address on Social Media. The only way to access our Pre-Sale wallet address will be via our official website purchase dashboard. Anything else is a scam.

GX Blocks Energy is the exclusive seller of the GX Contracts during the Pre-Sale Contract Offering.

No exchanges or 3rd parties have access to our GX Contracts so don’t give money to websites or individuals offering to sell you GX Contracts.

Let us know if you spot a scam or suspect one. This way we can try to stop them and warn others. The GX Blocks Community can help each other out in order for the Pre-Sale Contract Offering to go smoothly by pointing out bad actors.

Find our Official Links below!

Stay safe,

The GX Blocks Team

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Our GX Blocks Team is always available to answer any of your questions! Follow us on Social Media, and check out our Website! You can also get in touch with us via email at or

Do not trust any email address that does not end in



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