A Decentralized Future with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a fundamentally novel technology. New opportunities arise with the tremendous growth of decentralization and distributed technology. We believe in their potential and value-adding abilities for sustainable development through innovation.

Bitcoin, Blockchain & Decentralization

Decentralization can solve consumer pain points through creative destruction. For example, the token economy provides opportunities for those with limited access to financial resources and services. Blockchain’s industry disruption potential is unimaginable, as it is capable of replacing payment systems entirely while it can create new offerings such as Smart Contracts. Smart contacts are encoded agreements that are self-executed and increase transparency between involved parties.

However, the most famous application of Blockchain Technology is Bitcoin. This digital currency is decentralized, and so is its ledger, meaning that it is ‘permissionless’. In other words, anyone and everyone can have access to the ledgers and participate in the community by verifying transactions.

Blockchain Redefines Trust

However, Blockchain technology goes beyond its popular applications, such as Bitcoin. It redefines our definition of trust, as it promises the decentralization of economic institutions and structures.

Trust is the foundation for all types of value transactions and has been maintained over the years by institutionalized trust providers, such as third-party authorities. These were successful in the past, but are starting to become obsolete in the digital economy.

Blockchain Technology will be the protagonist of the global fight against corruption.

Research has shown that trust towards financial institutions has not been fully restored since the 2008 financial crisis. The relationship between consumers and the traditional banking sector is still impaired. According to the Stanford Social Innovation Review 2018, Distributed Ledger Technology and relevant applications will play an important role in increased transparency of corporations and institutions.

Thankfully, blockchain technology has allowed the rise of decentralized trust-building mechanisms, such as peer-to-peer networks and reputation rating systems, without the need to involve a third party. Misconduct can therefore be prevented and accountability is increased as everyone has access to the distributed ledger.

The feeling of belonging in a cooperative community is unique in the Blockchain network. We want to give people secure access to this community, so they can enjoy the benefits of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) applications.

Our GX Blocks Team

We are a team that wants to inspire people and contribute to a better and more independent future. We believe that we can create something innovative, centered around the technology of blockchain. We are confident that this technology is so ground-breaking that it is capable of changing our lives.

Our team, guided by a growth mindset, is client-centred and agile to appropriately respond to the increasingly digitized world. We may not have the established brand recognition found in traditional banking institutions, but as a fintech company, we are committed to bringing novel solutions to our clients with transparency.

Through our commitment to the innovative technology of Blockchain, we strive to offer improved user experience, reduced costs, and risk-averse return on investment.

Is Blockchain Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

While previous technological breakthroughs have brought evolution to the financial industry, this groundbreaking technology and its applications seem to be part of a larger revolution that is taking place in our world today.

We want to be part of this revolution and play an active role, by making Distributed Ledger Technology and its applications available with ease, security, and cost-efficiency.

We do this by using green energy to power our data centers and support the Blockchain network. This way we protect the environment while simultaneously reducing our production costs.

Our data centers provide computing power to various blockchain networks. Currently, we offer our clients access to Bitcoin mining services with lower costs, autonomy, and freedom of managing their money.

We focus on the fundamental application of the Blockchain technology and organically support its network by mining Bitcoin. This way we can offer flexible options to our customers and allow them to manage their capital independently.

Our mailing address: info@gxblocks.net

GX Blocks Energy — Official Website: www.gxblocks.com

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